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For foreigners

Responding to foreigners who want to receive chiropractic care

A system for English speaking people including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and so on has been set up.
Our hospital will handle all treatment flow in English.
Also, at appropriate time, I hope to be able to deal with Spanish-speaking countries, Portuguese-speaking countries, Chinese-speaking countries, etc.

About treatment costs

The director chiropractor costs 11,000 yen for the first time and 6,500 yen for the second and subsequent times.
The staff chiropractor costs 9,000 yen for the first time and 5,500 yen for the second and subsequent times.
※If it is a coupon, the treatment cost will be reduced by 1,000 yen each time.

Other message

  • All medical records are in English.
  • The staff does not speak English, so we use translation machines.
  • First of all, please contact us from the inquiry, not the telephone.
  • If you can speak Japanese, you can call

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